Titel När Brödtext
R & D Engineer på NIL Technology ApS 2016

Lasse Thamdrup (Development Engineer, NIL technology at NIL Technology, 2010-present):

It has been a pleasure working together with Thomas for the last couple of years. Thomas has a systematic and empirical approach towards solving technical problems. Furthermore, his experience in the clean room has been highly appreciated. Thomas is professional in terms of getting the work done and he has a very positive attitude towards coworkers and life in general.

Tobias Hedegaard Bro (Process & Development Engineer at NIL Technology , 2009-present):

I have been working in the same company as Thomas for 2.5 years. Allthough we did not work in the same group we shared quite some time working in the same cleanroom facilities - helping each other when needed. Thomas strikes me as thorough with his tasks and further more does not hesitate to give inputs or a helping hand. Thomas has great humor and it has been a pleasure working with him.

Project Manager, Customer Projects på Obducat Technologies AB 2011

Richard Adcock (Service Engineer at Obducat 2007-2011):

"Thomas is a person who is dedicated to his job in an extraordinary way. Even if faced with a high workload he would still find the time to help out his fellow co-workers with information they needed. Combining this with a good quality output he became an important backup-source when working with customer projects."

Erik Marnung (Area Sales Manager at Obducat 2007-2011):

"Thomas has handled the customer projects assigned to him professionally and always delivered on time with the quality meeting the expectations. He also displayed openness to exploring solutions in difficult development projects."

Ken Mason (Business Development Manager - America at Obducat 2004-2011):

"Thomas is a great asset in working through customer projects at Obducat. In an environment in which many customers wanted some sort of prototype (often with some component of their own design included, to add to the challenge) Thomas was able to demonstrate the unique differentiators of our imprint technology, helping the sales team build value. Thomas reports are always complete, clear, and relevant to customer goals. Thomas is comfortable in front of the customer and is a valuable asset to the teams he works with."

Projektledare & Utvecklingsingenjör på Obducat Technologies AB 2010

Lars Henrik Daehli Skjolding (Process Engineer at Obducat 2007-2008):

"I worked closely with Mr. Thomas Andén on several challenging research projects at Obducat AB. Great care always went into his work and he always put in the extra hours needed to deliver the projects before the agreed internal deadlines. Furthermore, he has a very positive attitude and it has always been a pleasure working with him." 

Projektmedarbetare, Biosensorgruppen på Avd. för Tillämpad Biokemi 2007

Klas Risveden (Research Project Manager at Pure & Applied Biochemistry 2004-2008):

“I know Thomas Andén from his activities at Lund University, where he has been a Research Project Engineer working on nanosensor devices in a Biosensor group at the Department of Pure and Applied Biochemistry at the Engineering Faculty (2006-2007), under my supervision. My impression of Thomas Andén is that he is a mature and highly responsible individual. In the project he has demonstrated an open mind in crossing disciplinary boundaries from nano/micro fabrication to analytical chemistry while still maintaining a high disciplinary standard and quality. I would without any doubt, based on the credentials I know of, recommend Thomas Andén for any sophisticated challenge offered!”